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Our Mission

"To coach private school leaders in developing growth plans that match the school’s needs and enrollment goals."

Dr. Brent Goldman EdD


Dr. Brent Goldman


Brent Goldman is a private school consultant with over 25 years of experience as a Teacher, Coach, Principal, and Head of School. His strengths include enrollment management, marketing, college counseling, construction, budgeting and staffing, athletics and the arts, and technology utilization. He is adept at identifying holes in a school profile and developing programs that will lead to enrollment growth. Dr. Goldman was also a Co-Founder and Board Member of the University of Miami Online High School that was sold to Kaplan Inc. in 2007, and also Co-Founded Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE).

Some of Our Clients

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Libo Fineberg

Attorney and Co-Founder David Posnack Hebrew Day School and The Sagemont School
" I have had the privilege of knowing Brent Goldman on a professional basis for over 20 years. Along with other partners, we co-founded The Sagemont School together in 1996. The school has grown from 23 students the first year to over 815 today. Brent is one of the few educators in the United States who has the knowledge to help others create a similar school from inception to maturity. He has knowledge about how to finance, secure investors, the design and construction process, marketing and sales, and incorporating an educational vision to the school. He is the perfect partner for the operator who needs some direction in starting a school from scratch. Under his leadership, The Sagemont School became a national leader in integrating the emerging technologies into the curriculum in effective ways. Sagemont students have been accepted to some of the finest colleges and universities in the United States. Finally, Brent was able to create a school that met the needs of students with varied interests. Sagemont has one of the top athletic programs in the state of Florida as well as one of the top visual and performing arts programs. "

Alan Lesgold

Dean of Education (retired) and Professor, University of Pittsburgh
“ It’s a pleasure to recommend Brent Goldman, a person who really understands how to create and run a school that prepares all its students for the information age. I first met Brent when I visited Sagemont School. I was impressed that in a world where school heads lament the difficulties of using and maintaining technology in any substantial way, Sagemont was providing its students with personal computers and making things work well by having students serve as their “IT department.” Everything worked, there were no closets full of unused broken machines, and students left Sagemont with certification as computer technicians. Brent is more than a school head.  He knows how to orchestrate key school activities as communities of students and teachers organized to work together to learn a lot. At a time when even the best of us cannot predict exactly what our children will face economically or socially in the future, lessons of agility and self-sufficiency need to be critical parts of schooling.  Brent knows how to make that happen

Paul Orehovec

Former Dean of Enrollment Management, University of Miami
“ Brent Goldman has run one of the most successful private schools in South Florida for over two decades.  I met Brent and learned more about The Sagemont School during my tenure as Dean of Enrollment Management at the University of Miami.  Sagemont high school students take an annual trip to the University of Miami to learn about the University and the college admission process.  Additionally, the University of Miami has a booth at Sagemont’s annual college fair that is attended by over 100 colleges and universities.  Over the past decade, Sagemont graduates have been accepted to some of the best colleges across the United States and this is a testament to the preparation the students received at Sagemont.  I endorse Brent Goldman’s knowledge and experience to help other private schools develop or enhance their existing college counseling programs. ”

Howard Liebman

Superintendent, Smart Horizons Career Online Education
“ As a business partner and colleague for many years, I have continually witnessed Dr. Brent Goldman build the nation’s most successful private K-12 online and blended learning educational programs (i.e., The Sagemont School, University of Miami Online High School, and Smart Horizons Career Online Education).  More specifically, Brent has extensive experience in designing, operating, and growing K-12 “brick and mortar” schools that integrate face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning instruction (“blended learning”). Brent is considered an industry leader among his peers, clients, and partners, and I highly recommend Brent as a consultant in the K-12 educational technology sector.  His knowledge, experience, leadership, and past success would be an asset to any educational organization looking to expand and improve their business. 

Our Programs

Enrollment Growth

  • Prospective students
  • Re-enrollment
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • Developing a College Counseling Program
  • Technology Integration
  • Athletics and Extracurricular Activities
  • Developing a School Communication Plan

Developing a School from A-Z

  • Financing
  • Construction
  • HR/Staffing
  • Mission Statement Development
  • Curriculum
  • Programming
  • Marketing

Other Services Provided

  • Mentoring Heads of School
  • Preparing for-profit private schools for potential acquisitions
  • Attracting additional investors to help the school grow
  • Adding a high school to an existing K-8 school
  • Developing blended learning programs to increase enrollment

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